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Visiting the Museum

At present moment the museum is located in two buildings.

The museum exhibitions consist of the Ancient Art, the Applied Folk Arts of Karakalpaks, the Uzbek and the Russian paintings of the 1920-1930s, as well as the contemporary art of Karakalpakstan.

The exhibitions address: K. Rzaev Street, Nukus, Republic of Karakalpakstan, 230100 (Functioning every day)

The additional exhibition of paintings and graphics which was earlier located on the second floor of the Museum of local Historical Studies has been partly moved into the new building and partly into the depositary. The Museum of local Historical Studies is closed because of its expected destruction.

The museum funds and archive are located in: Dosliq Avenue, 115, Nukus, Republic of Karakalpakstan, 230100


K. Rzaev Street,
Nukus, 230100
Tel: +998 61 222 2556
Email: museum_savitsky@mail.ru

Museum Administration and Archive:
Dosliq Prospekt 115,
Nukus, 230100

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 09.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 17.00
Saturday-Sunday: 10.00 - 16.00

Admission Fees


Foreign Visitors - Each
  Entrance Fee Guide
blue rule
Adults 25,000 soums 15,000 soums
blue rule
Students 15,000 soums 8,000 soums
blue rule
Children 10,000 soums 8,000 soums
blue rule
Citizens of Uzbekistan
  Entrance Fee Guided Tour
blue rule
Adults 6,000 soums 6,000 soums
blue rule
Students 4,000 soums 4,000 soums
blue rule
Children 2,500 soums 2,500 soums
blue rule


Photography and video filming of the museum’s collection is permitted, subject to the following fee schedule.

  Still Photography Video (per day)
non commercial
blue rule
Foreign visitors 120,000 soums 350,000 soums
blue rule
Professional Filming
Foreign visitors 1,000,000 soums per day (2,000,000 with Archives included)
blue rule

Further information

For further information about Karakalpakstan:


Details of transport movements, you can find here:


For those interested and with additional time, and with suitable advance notice, the Museum can arrange separate excursions: (a) to the remains of ancient Mizdakhan (19 km west of Nukus) - once the 2nd largest city in Khorezm - for which 2-3 hours is appropriate; and (b) to Moynaq, including its museum and the ship cemetery (210 km north of Nukus) - as late as the 1960s, Moynaq a significant fishing port and seaside resort on the Aral Sea, but is now more than 150 kilometres from its receding shore - for which 6-7 hours is needed.

With suitable advance notice, the Museum can also arrange basic bed and breakfast accommodation at a nearby small private guest house (Zhibek Zholy or Silk Road), which is located about 500 metres walking distance.


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